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Upcoming Exams

OC - Open Competitive - The examination is open to all applicants meeting the minimum qualifications.

PROM - Promotional - The examination is open only to those currently employed in a specific competitive job title.

Training/Experience (T & E) - Examination is a method of testing whereby a candidate receives a test score based on the information contained in the submitted application and/or a questionnaire which is sent to eligible candidates. The score is calculated from weights given to various factors of education (training) and experience. Note: There is no written test. The exam is based on an analysis of your training and experience.

Application Deadline - The date by which all applications and fees are due for this examination. Please read the application deadline policy on the examination announcement.

To Be Determined (TBD) - Exam information is supplied by NYS Civil Service and has yet to be received

# Title
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Type Salary Application Deadline Filing Fee Apply Online
69-459 Assistant Superintendent of Public Works OC 03/10/2024 $15.00 APPLY
79-297 Assistant Superintendent of Public Works PROM 03/10/2024 $15.00 APPLY
75-083 Detective PROM 04/25/2024 $15.00 APPLY
86-718 Human Resources Manager OC 03/10/2024 $15.00 APPLY
74-908 Police Sergeant PROM 04/25/2024 $15.00 APPLY
86-103 Tenant Relations Coordinator OC 04/01/2024 $15.00 APPLY

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