City of Watertown Application Information and Instructions

    There is a non-refundable application filing fee per examination number. A check or money order payable to "City Comptroller" must accompany this application. One check may be used for multiple examinations. Record all exam numbers on the check. Applications received without the filing fee will be returned.

  1. EXAMINATION ANNOUNCEMENT: Before filling out your application, read the announcement for this examination carefully.

  2. QUALIFICATIONS: The applicant must meet the minimum qualifications as written in the announcement. The burden of establishing required qualifications is the responsibility of the applicant. Fees are not refunded for disqualification.

  3. CROSS FILERS: Cross Filing applies to examinations only. Please see exam announcement for instructions.

  4. ADMISSION TO EXAMINATION: Admission notices are mailed the week prior to the examination date. If you do not receive a notice three days prior to the exam date, call (315) 785-7733. Candidates will be required to bring proof of identification to the examination. Participation in the examination does not mean you have been found to meet the announcement requirements. Applications will be rejected for lateness, if postmarked or received after the last filing date.

  5. DISQUALIFICATION APPEAL: Any appeal of a disqualification notice must be made in writing and received in the Office of the Civil Service Commission by the date and time indicated on the notice.

  6. LEGAL ADDRESS CHANGES: You must report a change in address to insure proper notification of test results and certification of civil service lists. Residency must be established 4 months prior to the examination date in order to meet residence preference requirements.
  7. The New York State Human Rights Law prohibits discrimination in employment because of age, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, disability, marital status or criminal record. Accordingly, nothing in this application form should be viewed as expressing, directly or indirectly, any limitation, specification or discrimination as to age, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, disability, marital status or criminal record in connection with employment.

    Have you answered all appropriate questions? An incomplete application will be disapproved.

    The City of Watertown is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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